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Cities are beautiful, that is a fact. At least for me. Complicated systems created as a mix of topography, human behavior and chance. Most of us can see a city from a street view. Rarely we have a chance to see it from a high floor. Even if we do, it is just a part of the city that is visible at the moment. Of course to see the whole city its best to perceive it from the sky or at least a plane. Anyway, we can create a map of places that we see. The custom map we create depends of our way we see the city. It can be direct drawing or just an imagination of the area. Seeing a perfect map design and imagine a place in it, is different for different people. From a plan you can imagine how it looks from the street view. But this would be only a possibility. If you been there or saw similar area, you can image much more, but still its not real or up to date. Only being in a place in a moment makes the place for you.

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