Good legend

Last week I found some nice map art prints. I was doing some research in the library, reading about map making methodology. History of map creators interests me. How people see space in old times and different cultures. While picking up book by book, there were many old framed maps above me and a old album next to me. Therefore I had to check it. It was an album with a vintage map of Tokyo from 1930. Pages where in good condition. Graphically it looked amazing. Most of all it was full of small symbols meaning different topographical and geographical details. A few pages of legend where attached to figure it out. Seems like I spend few hours studding these maps and compering it to existing city structure. Inside a large map poster was included. In conclusion I found that the city itself was much more divided and some areas has a long history yet didn’t change much. Art Prints Find out you city here: Canada, United States, South America, Europe, Asia & Oceania Our shop.
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